Preparing for the UAS Interview

The interview is split into two parts;

  1. Getting to know you.

  2. Your knowledge of the Royal Air Force.

Part One

The first part of the interview selection process focuses on you and the activities, club memberships, sports, adventure training, positions of responsibility, employment, charity and travel you may have undertaken in your life so far. This is your opportunity to really ‘sell yourself’ to the interviewer.

Part Two

  • The second part of the interview focuses on:

  • A student's knowledge of:

    1. The University Air Squadron Organisation.

    2. The role of the Royal Air Force in today's Environment.

    3. 'Headline' defence matters, such as the UK's membership of NATO and recent/current UK military operations.

  • A student's interest in a Royal Air Force career.

  • Whilst there is no obligation to join the Service after leaving the UAS organisation, you can make a more compelling case for joining our team if you have researched one or more of the career opportunities that are available for an RAF Officer.

  • General Awareness of current affairs.

  • This objective is included because we 'mirror' the interview process that is used to select the regular RAF officer cadet. To prepare for this small element of the interview, study three UK-centric events and three international events which are featuring in recent 'news and media' and be prepared to discuss your views on the circumstances surrounding these events. The interviewer will usually choose one topic each from of the UK-centric and international events that you have researched. The best advice for this is to keep watching the news and read up on a few of the issues mentioned.

Useful Resources